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Koolbit Partners with Cozy Games for UK Cellphone Casino Launch

Koolbit Partners with Cozy Games for UK Cellphone Casino Launch

Excessively of a thing that is good? US Gambling Enterprises Are Maxing Out

Not so long ago, you made the trek out to Las Vegas, and a glamorous and exciting trek it was if you wanted to gamble in America. Then Atlantic City got on board, and tribal gambling enterprises started at various locales around the country. The poker growth hit, and everyone else and their mom wanted to open US casinos and ride the wave that is tidal. A combination of changing mores and the addictive excitement of gambling on tables and machines swept America and suddenly, it seemed like every state wished to legalize what had as soon as been largely forbidden. Dazzling revenues and tens of thousands of created task opportunities most likely did not hurt the surge in gaming homes either.

But those days appear to have struck a sinkhole in the road: experts are now actually saying that the American casino market is overbuilt, and approaching saturation that is complete.

Too Much Competition, Not Enough Differentiation

What is caused the downward spiral? According to University of Nevada, Reno teacher Mark Nichols, it’s become one thing of the fast-food-that’s-all-the-same environment for American casinos. Nichols says that casinos have actually lost their ability ‘to out-entice somebody, because everybody is pretty much equivalent, and everybody is on the exact same playing field. [So] then it just comes down to location.’ Fitch gaming analyst Alex Bumazhny told Bloomberg previously this month th Daha fazla hakkındaKoolbit Partners with Cozy Games for UK Cellphone Casino Launch oku